The Caribbean Motor Racing Championship has been around for over 40 years. In its present form, every year four legs of the CMRC are held at different Caribbean Countries. Jamaica has hosted and again hosts the first event of the year followed by Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and the final event in Guyana. Up to 2014 there was only one group of cars, Group 4, which would travel to augment the various local circuit events. In 2015 a second group, Group 2 was added thereby allowing more affordable cars which has resulted in closer racing with bigger grids. In 2016 a third group, group three was added which bridged the gap between the existing groups. In 2017 the motorcycles were officially included. Now in 2018 we have added the final two groups Group 1 for entry level participation and Group 5 for the big juice special built non homologated racing cars. See the attached CMRA 2018 regulations which can be downloaded. All of this rapid growth has occurred after the formation of the Caribbean Motor Racing Association in 2015 which is comprised of two delegates for cars and one for motorcycles from each of the countries hosting the CMRC and a single delegate from non host countries and which introduced a standard set of regulations to which Guyana, Trinidad and Barbados run all their classes for their local Championship. The CMRC is now in the position where it can run an entire race day of 18 races totally under itś own Sporting, Safety and Classification Regulations as per the request of the ASNś of the Caribbean

Participants to the CMRC have been from a number of different countries namely Suriname, Trinidad, Guyana, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Barbados, the United States and this year we hope to add Antigua. As in 2015 and 2016, last years Jamaican leg of the CMRC event was held at Jamwest Speedway Negril, Jamaica. A number of around 10,000 patrons turned up to Jamwest over the event weekend which included over 250 persons, drivers/riders, team members and supporters from the participating countries.We had 62 race car drivers entering the competition and 20 motorcycle riders.

Seaboard Marine is again the title sponsor for the 2018 CMRC in all countries and they play a very important role in the possibility of the events taking place.

Seaboard Marine is the only shipping company that visits all these countries and has taken on the responsibility of trans shipping the race cars, parts and motorcycles throughout the region. However due to the economical restraints that we all face at this time, even with the full support of Seaboard Marine, teams are faced with the challenge of travelling expenses. In order to achieve a competitive championship a dropped scores system means that drivers/riders can still attain a worthwhile result – drivers will count their best nine results from the potential total of twelve races towards the Title of being the Caribbean Champion in Group 1 or Group 2 or Group 3 or Group 4 or Group 5 or Superstock Motorcycle .While also at stake is the all important Country Championship, won in 2015 by Guyana, repeated in 2016 but by only 2 points over Trinidad and in 2017 Trinidad by a wide margin.


The 1st leg of the Caribbean Motor Racing Championship will be held in Negril, Jamaica at Jamwest Motorsports and Adventure Park.
Jamaica is known for its beautiful beaches, lush topography and rainforests. Some people call it paradise.

Participating Countries


Jamwest Speedway is 2.2 miles long, and has 3 configurations. It it used for both drag and circuit racing. It is also the largest track in the Caribbean with its adequate traps and run offs, it will shortly obtain FIA certification.

Rules, Regulations & Forms




CMRC-CMRA Regulations

2018 Sporting Safety and Technical







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